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The 13th Tigers
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We called them "Tigers" and "Pussy Cats". Tigers would press the attack home to very low levels and work in the difficult areas. They did an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

The Pussy Cats were said to conduct strafing attacks until they ran out of oxygen. They made daring dives from 7,000 feet down to 6,000.

Austin Ayotte
"Austin Ayotte"
Beer Line
"Beer Line"
Jim Braly
"Jim Braly"

Korean service got us a $200 income tax exemption for service in any part of a month in Korea. That did not include Japan. We had lots of inspection trips from Japan on the last day of the month which lasted until the first day of the next month.

Korean service was also the route to faster rank. Personnel who qualified for promotion by time in grade to the next rank received a "spot" promotion. You wore the rank and got the pay only so long as you remained in Korea, and in a job which called for that rank.

Estes Sherrill
"Estes Sherrill"
4 Shirts
"4 Shirts"
Don Mathews
"Don Mathews"

If you held the rank for six month the next promotion board could confirm (or promote you) to the rank permanently. Permanent promotion via a "spot" could advance you a couple of years ahead of your contemporaries in rank.

Those 2nd. Lts. like myself, who went directly from commissioning to combat, didn't become eligible for "spots" until we had near completed the tour and eligible to return home.

Russell Buker
"Russell Buker"
Fred Ostrem and Dick Santure
"Fred Ostrem, Dick Santure"
Chester Hall, David Stockman, Edward Hobday
"Chester Hall, David Stockman, Edward Hobday"

What to do? Hang around for another six months? No way. I done my duty and I'm goin' home. I AM FIGMO. (Farewell [or something like that] I've Got My Orders.)

-- Charles Hinton, Navigator
13th Bomb Squadron
Charles Hinton

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