"Flight of Aces"
Flight of Aces

"Flight of Aces" is an orignal work by noted aviation artist Jim Laurier of Keene, New Hampshire, USA, commissioned by the 13th Bomb Squadron Association for presention to the "new" 13th Squadron upon the occasion of its reactivation at Dyess Air Force Base on June 14, 2000.

The painting depicts a flight of 13th Aero Squadron SPADs of WW I, with the original Oscar logo on the planes. The plane number of 24 (on the left) is of a pilot named Fred Hayes, who was a WW I Ace.

An 11x14" photo of the painting suitable for framing is available for only $20 through Oscar's Emporium.

A 20x24" lithograph of the painting, signed and numbered by the artist, is also available for $95 through Oscar's Emporium.

This image is also available as a wallpaper download. Please select the resolution desired, then right click the link and "save as". (Mac users - click on the link and hold until the "save as" dialog comes up.)


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