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Nose Art
(Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture. All pictures are set to open in a new window. To return here, just close the window you're in.)

The 8th, the 13th and the 90th Bomb Squadrons comprised the 3rd Bomb Group.

The 13th aircraft were identified by red tail tips (also wing tips and engine cowlings). The 8th's were yellow and the 90th's were white.

"The 8th Squadron -- actually the "Friendly 8th" -- tended toward nudes in their nose art. Here are some 8th aircraft.

Reddy An' Willin
"Reddy An' Willin"
Empty Saddle
"Empty Saddle"

"TOC-SAN" was the English vernacular for the Japanese word that meant big or huge or heavy. We didn't discriminate in the niceties of the language. "TOC-SAN sweat" meant that it was a tough mission, as the crew flying her on one mission learned all too well from the evidence in the lower right picture.

Toc-San Bent
"Toc-San Bent"

Hot To Trot
"Hot To Trot"
"Hot to trot?" referred to your willingness to depart on the next mission. The greeting went, "Are yah Ready Freddie?" "I'm Hot to Trot" was the response -- even if you weren't eager.

"This photo of "Satan's Courier - Hot to Trot" was not made to record the name or art work on the plane. If you look at the area around the guns you will see lots of dents. The pilot of this plane flew too close to his target and was hit by his own blast. He got his nose well dented -- a good way to get hurt. He may not have been "Hot To Trot" on his next mission. Satan's Courier - Hot To Trot
"Satan's Courier - Hot To Trot"

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