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People Later
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Reece B. Black

After Reece completed his combat tour with the 13th, he continued to fly special missions of a sensitive nature from K-14. He remained in the Air Force and retired as a colonel.

After his Air Force retirement he took a position in the Governors office in California, directing the Office of Emergency Services. When earthquakes hit California, Reece was in charge. He held this position for approximately 17 years. He died in January 1993.
Reece Black

Lucien I. Thomas

Lucien's story as an Aerial Gunner is well told in his story in the GUNNERs section. He remained in the USAF after the Korean War and served in a long series of global assignments, culminating with service in Vietnam, where he served as Assistant to the Seventh Air Force Director of Munitions. He retired from the Air Force in 1968 as a Senior Master Sergeant.
Lucien Thomas

After retiring from the USAF, he served as Planning and Scheduling Engineer with a multi-national engineering and construction firm. He was responsible for planning and scheduling work associated with the design, procurement and construction of large metallurgical projects in the United States, The United Kingdom, Europe and Southern Africa.

He presently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A. Robert Fortney

After departing Kunsan By the Sea (K-8) in July 1952, Fortney was assigned as the Civil Air Patrol liaison officer for the state of Minnesota. Upon completion of that tour he attended Air Command and Staff College.
Rob Fortney

In August of 1956 he began a fifteen year assignment with the Strategic Air Command, moving from Crew Comdr. to Sq Comdr. to Division DO. In 1961 he was reassigned to HQ. 2nd Air Force at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, moving up to Chief of the Control Division, a position he held during the Cuban crisis and during the initial stages of the Vietnam war.

In 1965 he returned to Lincoln AFB as the Vice and then the Wing Commander of the 98th Bomb Wing. In 1966 he moved to Andersen AFB, Guam as Vice Wing Commander of the 4360th Wing (prov). Upon completion of that tour in July 1968 he returned to the States and to Blytheville AFB as the Base Commander, (97th Bomb Wing). He retired after 30 years service, July 1, 1971.

After retirement he joined Arkansas state government for 14 years in increasingly responsible positions. First as Manager, Motor Fuel Tax Section, then Manager of the Income Tax Section and finally Manager, Corporate Income/Franchise Tax Section. He retired again in August 1986.

Since his retirement form State Government he has spent his time traveling and being active in his church and Rotary International. In 1983-84 he was President of the Rotary Club of North Little Rock and in 1988-89 was Governor, District 6150, Rotary International. He still holds active position at his Club, District, Zone and national level.

Earl S. Brooks

Earl was our "artist in residence", Oscar designer and gunner in Korea. After Korea he returned to the states and left the Air Force, using his GI Bill to attend Chicago's prestigious AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ART. This school launched him on a 25 year career as a graphic artist.
Earl Brooks

Earl has been a lover of biking from his early days delivering papers on his Schwinn. In Chicago he used his bike to avoid the traffic jams through the Loop long before biking became fashionable, finally succumbing to a nagging spouse - buying a car and getting a drivers license at age 38.

His interests and hobbies are the natural sciences ... especially Astronomy, studying the universe with his 12 1/2" reflecting telescope. He continues as a biker and at age 62 pedaled across the USA with his grandson. With a little training he says he can still do 200 miles a day, believing that the fountain of youth has handlebars.

He is not yet retired from his second career as an insurance agent for Mutual of Omaha. Earl lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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