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This site is dedicated to all who have served with the 13th Bomb Squadron

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Old Able Jim Braly a broken B-26 James Van Fleet, Jr.
Read the story of this famous B-26, Old Able.
Find out what happened to the unlucky crew aboard this aircraft.
Reece Black
Oral histories include Jim Braly's war story about Flak Traps.
Charles Hinton
Pay tribute to our MIAs
(Capt. James Van Fleet, Jr.).
planes bombing Able's nose art
Meet Tigers and Pussycats
(Capt. Reece Black).
Read John Harris' autobiographical book, "A Combat Pilot's Story"
Learn about the war from the navigator's seat (Charles Hinton).
View Nose Art you've never seen before.

This site tells the story of the 13th Bomb Squadron's mission of low level, night interdiction in the Korean War.


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